Monday, May 07, 2007

Update: I now have a website where you'll be able to find all my fiction, new and old, written and spoken, but this Mortal Ghost archive will remain online.

Welcome to Mortal Ghost.
Please be advised that this novel is recommended for readers aged 16+.

It's a fiery hot summer, and sixteen-year-old Jesse Wright is on the run. An oddly gifted boy, he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change. He's hungry and lonely and desperate - and beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured. And then there are Jesse's own memories of a fire ...

If you'd like to start reading, go straight to Chapter One.

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A PDF file of the entire novel is available to download by clicking here, if you prefer to read in that format.

A download for your ereader and iPhone/iPod Touch
is available via Feedbooks.

You can also listen to podcasts of the novel, read by Bill Uden, theatre student and lead singer of the band Primal Jukebox, and produced by the students and staff of Coleg Sir Gâr, Wales, without whose unstinting generosity and support the audio project would not have been possible.

A single torrent download of the entire podcast series is also available at ClearBits.

A POD paperback is now available at cost as a reader service via Lulu. The cover design is by the Australian artist L.M.Noonan.

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