Monday, May 07, 2007

Update: I now have a website where you'll be able to find all my fiction, new and old, written and spoken, but this Mortal Ghost archive will remain online.

Welcome to Mortal Ghost.
Please be advised that this novel is recommended for readers aged 16+.

It's a fiery hot summer, and sixteen-year-old Jesse Wright is on the run. An oddly gifted boy, he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change. He's hungry and lonely and desperate - and beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured. And then there are Jesse's own memories of a fire ...

If you'd like to start reading, go straight to Chapter One.

If you'd rather browse first, click on the table of contents tab.

A PDF file of the entire novel is available to download by clicking here, if you prefer to read in that format.

A download for your ereader and iPhone/iPod Touch
is available via Feedbooks.

You can also listen to podcasts of the novel, read by Bill Uden, theatre student and lead singer of the band Primal Jukebox, and produced by the students and staff of Coleg Sir Gâr, Wales, without whose unstinting generosity and support the audio project would not have been possible.

A single torrent download of the entire podcast series is also available at ClearBits.

A POD paperback is now available at cost as a reader service via Lulu. The cover design is by the Australian artist L.M.Noonan.

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Please don't hesitate to comment or to contact me by email. And thank you for reading!


Khylan said...

Hi Lee,

I hope you don't mind, but I've told a lot of people about your story via a review and comments in forums. Hopefully, it does well for you.

Lee said...

Khylan, how can I possibly mind, when you've said such lovely things - and given me others to think about!

Your support is greatly appreciated, especially this morning when I needed a real boost to face some daunting revisions on my new novel.

dandan said...

Wow, I love your story Mortal Ghost, I have podcasted all 32 chapters and listened to them in one day (wouldnt be able to tell you if my life depended on it what occurred at uni today though) I love the story, not only is it magnificently written but the reader (who I think I may have fallen in love with -well his voice anyway) has such a perfect voice for this role. And, if I wasn't a broke uni student I would donate or buy or whatever it is to support your book. Instead I am offering to do any computer work (I noticed you may need some help with your website - I can help with that I finished my course last year). Jesse is such an amazing character, I cant wait for the next podcast. Still debating whether to 'read' on or wait to hear the soothing voice.

Love the interview too!


(reposted by Lee)

JRSM said...

Hi: the chap from 'Caustic Cover Critic' here--I just started reading chapter one, and now I'm going to have to download the whole lot!

As to the cover: I quite like it. It looks a little too Photoshopped for my taste (the outstretched hand and whatever it's holding), but the typography is nicely restrained and the colour scheme is unusual. You said it was by an Australian artist: what's their name? It reminded me a little of another Australian book: (that's the colour/type, obviously, rather than the image :) )

Lee said...

Hi, JRSM, thanks for your feedback. I've added a line about the artist to the top page. Your comment made me realise I should have done this long ago.

Nick L. said...

Wow, Iam on chapter 41 and all I can say this is a GREAT book. There are a couple of problems with it, but even with the problems, it is still and amzing book. I don't think I have ever said that or even thought that about a book till now. I am dying to read it, by my touch is charging, so I can't. Anyways, thank you for the amazing book.

Nick L.
From GA, 13

Lee said...

Hi Nick, I woke up early this morning to your comment, and though still dark outside, it felt as if the sun had already begun to shine. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to post. I'm sure this is only the first of many books you'll find to excite and challenge you, to accompany you through life.

And yes, I know Mortal Ghost is flawed and hope the new novel I'm writing is just a tiny bit less so. It's the lot of writers never to achieve what they set out to, only at best to come a little closer as they learn.

frodo grifins said...

Hi, I just read the whole book in PDF, and I think it's BRILLIIANT. Your imagination is wild and passionate, and you know right hw to carry on the story...But yeah, it is flawed, no lesser all the same.

Lee said...

Hi Frodo, thanks so much for your comment.

Lisa Miller said...

Dear Lee,
I am only on chapter 20 but i love this book so far. I never want to put it down. I can't wait to see what happens to jesse and sarah. I am currently at Childern's hospital with my daughter who is three months old. I am 19. This book is a nice way to drift away from the hospital and into someone elses life. Thank you for makeing the day at the hospital not so bad

Lee said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment when you obviously have much more important matters to worry about. My younger daughter Abby has just begun babysitting for a nine-months-old girl who spent the first five months of her life in hospital. Wonders happen all the time. I'll be thinking of you and your little girl. If you can, please let me know how she is doing.

Anonymous said...

Your book was absolutely fantastic.
I loved it. I picked it up on my iPod Touch last night and didn't stop till I finished it this morning. Only the ending was a bit too dreamy. I'm a sucker for 'and-they-lived-happily-ever-after' endings, so maybe I'm biased. Terrific book!

Lee said...

What a lovely comment, Anon. Thank you-

Rebecca said...

Just finished reading the book on feedbooks. One of the most amazing stories i have ever read my new favourite book.
I keep recomending it to anyone who will listen. Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

Lee said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks so much. Feedbooks does a terrific job, don't they?

I plan to begin serialising Corvus on 14th August, right along with podcasts. If I can figure out how to do so, it should be possible to read each episode (chapter) via Feedbooks as well from my new website. I'll post all the links soon.

Lee said...

Hi Fay, thanks so much for your enthusiasm. 'Ariel' has multiple meanings, but you might like to have a look at The Tempest to begin with.

If you email me directly, I can address your other questions. To be fair to other readers, I've removed your comment because of the spoilers.

Ashes404 said...

The best book i've ever read, and i've read a lot. I love it.

Mortal ghost: a tribute

I long for Jesse and the knife, Nubi and the spinning top,

for Meg and her garden.

I long for primality,

for the cold concrete of the forsaken bridge.

All are memories burnt into my soul, yet never to be.

The mind is a cruel thing.

Sylvia said...

Hi, Lee!

I enjoyed reading your book. I had some trouble with all the sub-plots, but other then that it was an amazing book!
Was Jesse already dead like Ayen said? Who is Liam? Were you trying to imply that Jesse is bisexual?
Anyway, great work! I'm glad I downloaded it on my phone. It was beautifully written.

Anon E. said...

good job. I want my blook to be cool too! lol